Startup Funding

Many startups lack the funds, credit history, and collateral to qualify for traditional bank loans or small business funding. This lack of funds makes it difficult for small business owners to succeed. Federal grants are great but are often only available for niche groups. A business loan is one of the traditional ways a company may start, but like federal grants, obtaining a loan may not be feasible. That is why Astrana is dedicated to helping you connect to funding outside of grant money. Our funders allow everyone to have access to start their business operations. 

Many startups fail because of an inability to obtain startup funding for cash flow to launch their business dynamically and forcefully. This is why Astrana connects you to companies willing to provide startup funding. Startup funding is a type of financing that helps new businesses get off the ground by providing them with the necessary capital to launch their operations. It can come in the form of various financing options, including equity investments, seed funding, and venture capital. Startup funding is a popular solution for businesses looking to bring innovative ideas to the market, develop new technologies or products, or disrupt existing industries. The process typically involves working closely with investors or financial services companies, like the ones Astrana can connect you to, to develop a customized financing solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Aim for the stars with astrana

Whether a business is a multi-billion dollar enterprise or a small business with just a few staff members, adequate finances must be available to meet the costs of doing business. Whether your business is paying suppliers, employing staff, buying essential equipment, or paying for premises, having enough funding on hand is crucial for a successful start and maintaining daily operation. Our funders will provide you with the financial confidence to take on bigger projects and focus on growing your business.  Astrana and our funders will stand by you for as long as required, providing access to quick and flexible financing through startup funding.