Invoice Funding


Invoice financing relies on accounts receivable to provide you with capital. When Astrana connects you to an invoice factoring company, you retain your invoices along with the responsibility to collect them. Our funders will provide a certain percent of the value of the accounts receivable invoices which you must repay within an agreed-upon period of time. Your business stays in control of your invoices, supplying as few or as many as you like to obtain financing.

Retaining ownership of the invoice can be advantageous to you: customers remain unaware your business received invoice financing from an invoice factoring company. Invoice factoring is more like a cash advance against the value of your business’ accounts receivable invoices and must be paid back whether they are paid or not. This means that if the customer fails to pay your business, the invoice financing received from our funders must be paid with alternative capital.

Although there is some risk involved for you, it is not much riskier than obtaining a loan using traditional funding sources such as a bank or credit company. Invoice factoring is quite popular among establishments of all sizes, but is especially popular among proprietors that have not built a credit history or sufficient collateral. Invoice factoring provides a reliable solution to the sort of temporary cash flow issues that organizations and startups often experience.

Aim for the stars with astrana

Astrana connects you to invoice factoring companies ready to provide alternative funding to businesses whose accounts receivable invoices bill with repayment dates between 30 and 90 days. Invoice factoring is the perfect solution for those that are not well established and unable to obtain loans from traditional sources. By accessing the cash tied up in accounts receivable, you are able to keep your business flowing with enough cash on hand to make a difference and keep the doors open. Obtaining alternative financing using invoice factoring with our funders allows you to purchase equipment, payroll, hire new employees, stock much-needed inventory, and continue to grow.

As your business grows, our funders increase your access to invoice financing as your business shows its creditworthiness by quickly paying back the complete funding fast amount. Eventually, this creditworthiness will be recognized by traditional funding sources, allowing you to access funding through traditional loans. But Astrana and our funders will stand by you for as long as needed, providing easy access to cash flow through invoice factoring, a fantastic alternative finance funding solution.