Acquisition Funding


Acquisition funding is a type of financing that helps your business purchase other companies or assets. It provides you with the necessary capital to complete the acquisition and can come in the form of various financing options. The process typically involves working closely with a financial services company, which Astrana will connect you to, to develop a customized financing solution that meets the specific needs of your business. The benefits of acquisition funding include access to quick and flexible financing, tailored repayment terms, and competitive interest rates.

Our funders are willing to work with you to negotiate a positive financing package, taking into account your business’ unique situation along with favorable financial projections. We understand the difficulty your business may face when looking to secure sufficient funding in today’s uncertain financial climate, and that is why Astrana and our funders are on hand to help.

aim for the stars with astrana

Alternative Financing for acquisitions is just one way in which our funders can help you achieve your business goals. While alternative financing could be just what you need to acquire that small business or piece of equipment, it can also help you to grow your business and provide assistance at times when your cash flow is not as healthy as you would like.

Our funders will provide you with an opportunity to build your credit rating with your suppliers and gain the financial confidence to take on bigger projects while focusing on growing your business. You will also find that alternative financing will ultimately help you gain more traditional financing in the future, should you need it. But Astrana and our funders will stand by you for as long as required, providing access to quick and flexible financing through growth funding.